究極のサウンド経験を届けたいという願いからスタートした、SENNHEISER 「AMBEO」との共創プロジェクト

Co-creation with "AMBEO" by SENNHEISER


Immersive Audio by Sennheiser


Once you take the step to full immersion, coming back is impossible. - Sennheiser

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dolby cinema

Sennheiser's AMBEO VR Mic was already a staple in 360° video recording, but it had the potential to offer a new approach to other media, such as film and music.

  • Highly immersive sound, perfect for capturing natural and ambient sounds
  • Achieve a high degree of post-production flexibility without having to lug around a bunch of microphones on a rugged outdoor shoot.
  • Support diverse speaker layouts such as 5.1-channel surround and Dolby Atmos.
  • When recording live, this single microphone allows you to focus on your instruments in any position,360 degrees.

Research and Creation

MAGNETICA studio participated in the AMBEO project in the form of a demonstration production.

instruments We played instruments around the microphone in the forest and created music that conveys both the atmosphere of natural sounds and the presence of a live recording at the same time.

The video recording of this was displayed in a 9.1-channel 3D audio system at the international broadcasting equipment exhibition "InterBEE".

The video below is a version of the 3-D sound reproduction for headphone listening.

This outdoor, in-nature music delivers a totally new experience, unlike anything you have heard before.

Techinical Support: ACOUSTIC FIELD INC. HPL Technology

Client: Sennheiser Japan

  • Music: Satoshi Suzuki, Natsuki Nakajima
  • Director of photography: Kenji Agata
  • Assistant camera: Eiko Kuramochi
  • Video edit: Natsuki Nakajima
  • Sound advisor: Jiro Kubo (ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.)
  • Technical support: Yuichi Yogo
  • Special Thanks: Katsuhiko Nakajima, SENJU LAB